Loan Program

We are more than happy to help you earn a lot more with our trading bot, that is our main motivation!

Bigger balance=Bigger profits, we are happy to loan you money from our end for your trading, obviously money would not be withdrawable but all the profits are yours, our fee for this is 5%, and of course repayment of the loan.


For example: You have $2000 invested, we loan you $5000 now your total trading balance is $7000 and your bot is doing much bigger profits! Contact us on telegram for more information at @satoshibotadmin

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Terms of using this service:

  1. For our safety, all of the withdrawals will be locked until the loan is paid back.
  2. We take 5% of the total profits made using the loan.
  3. The maximum duration for the loan is 60 days, after that, you can take a loan again.
  4. The loan can not be paid from the profits of your bot since withdrawals are locked.
  5. Once the loan is paid those funds will be in the account and withdrawals would be unlocked.
  6. The loan can also be deployed automatically if the bot is at risk of liquidation as explained here:
  7. All additional loan terms can be discussed on telegram @satoshibotadmin or at one of our partner's telegram.